A-TOM-MIK Cut Bait 2020

Winning bait of the 2019 Sodus Pro/Am
Winning bait of the 2019 Fair Haven Challenge
Helped win the 2019 Chad's Ladies Tournament
Helped win the 2019 Tri-County Salmon Slam
Winning bait of the 2019 STI Salmon Tournament
Winning bait of the 2019 Atommik Invitational
Winning bait of the 2018 A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown
Winning bait of the 2018 Fair Haven Challenge
Winning bait of 8 out of the top 10 teams in the 2018 Little Salmon River Shootout 
Winning bait of the 2018 Wilson Harbor Invitational
Winning bait of the 2018 A-TOM-MIK Challenge 
Winning bait of the 2017 Wilson Harbor Invitational
Helped win the 2017 Niagara Pro/Am
Helped win the 2017 Oak Orchard Open
Helped win the 2017 A-TOM-MIK Challenge
Helped win the 2017 Oswego Pro/Am (Both divisions Pro & Am)



*Please read the following before purchase:
-Typically you get about the same amount of A side as you do B
-There is a variance in size, just like snowflakes no 2 are the same, all strips are hand cut
-Scale retention is good, but there is some loss in handling, you should handle baits as little as possible to prevent further scale loss
-A sides and B sides each may carry a different action, mostly dependent on the style head your running,  both actions have their days
-This bait will not fall out of your teaser head due to poor quality, if ran properly (See YouTube video attached) it can be ran for hours on end in colder temps
-1 fish per strip is typically the norm
-Keep in mind the concept of the art of running bait, your "slasher" or attractor is acting as a predator slashing through a school of bait. Also the entire rig could emulate this same school of baitfish, in either case the lagging bait is easy prey as it trails behind. A chip in the armor is a tell-tail sign of either being struck or simply wounded, therefor lagging behind. Don't be hesitant to run a few pieces that may not look perfect or have a few blotches of missing scales.
-When deploying a fresh strip of bait into the depths be sure it smells fresh, that it has at minimum a mild shine, a fresh look is a must. It must "roll", but doesn't matter if it rolls once or twice a second. Very very successful anglers who run meat often like their baits to roll like a cork screw, others like a slower roll and find success. As proven often, dialing any technique in is a must.
In order for us to bring you even small amounts of this premium bait is very time extensive