A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown

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Please understand Rules & Guidelines subject to change 


-Triple Crown Entry

-Best 2 scores out of 3

*A-TOM-MIK Challenge 6/20/20

*Little salmon River Shootout 7/25/20

*Fair Haven Challenge 8/22/20

-Nascar style point structure (adopted in 2016)

 -Top 3 paid (100% pay-out) based on $100 entry

 -Any taxes charged will be refunded


A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown Rules:

The A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown will go to the team that accumulates the most points from 2 of the 3 Eastern Basin events, The A-TOM-MIK Challenge, The Little Salmon River Shootout and The Fair Haven Challenge.

Rules governing each of these 3 separate venue's prevail, total point structure accumulated per placement starting in 2016

A Captain or 2 members from the original team may carry total points. It is not mandatory for a team to fish from the same boat throughout the 3 Challenges, however the same team name must be used.

A-TOM-MIK reserves the right to make the final decision upon all circumstances or upon discrepancies, points per placement, per event are listed here:

1st 100 pts
2nd 98 pts
3rd 96 pts
4th 94 pts
5th 92 pts
6th 90 pts
7th 88 pts
8th 86 pts
9th 84 pts
10th 82 pts
11th 80 pts
12th 78 pts
13th 76 pts
14th 74 pts
15th 72 pts
16th 70 pts
17th 68 pts
18th 66 pts
19th 64 pts
20th 62 pts
21st 60 pts
22nd 58 pts
23rd 56 pts
24th 54 pts
Entry fee is $105 and is due prior to the A-TOM-MIK Challenge.


Approx. payouts are as follows:

1st Place 50% of entry dollars & Coveted Cup for 1 year
2nd Place 30% of entry dollars
3rd Place 20% of entry dollars

You do not need to be present at awards ceremony in Fair Haven to win, money will be mailed by check to address from Pay Pal collection when you enter.