Photo's & Testimonials


Captain Stephen Shen

As a full-time fishing guide and first mate, catching fish is what pays the bills. Everything has it's time and place but when one item produces day in and day out it becomes a must have item. That's what A-TOM-MIK products are for me and my customers. They produce great catches and great smiles, Tom never stops striving to produce the finest trolling tackle available not only on Lake Ontario both throughout the Great Lakes and beyond.
Scott Richardson
Team Hammer
I’ve been fishing Tom’s flies for a very long time, they have won everything around the lake for me
 Here is a 34+ that hit a T107 Green Hammer off a frog diver what a fish
Captain Jeff  R. Wallace II
Summer 2016 was my first year as captain of my own vessel, with an arsenal of A-TOM-MIK trolling flies, I was able to key-in on quality kings. When the bite gets tough, I can count on one of these flies to produce bites and put blood on the deck!! 
This is my personal best at 30lbs, taken on a T179.....
A-TOM-MIK baby!!!

 Big Gene, young Gene and Nick Antenori
Young Gene coined the phrase many years ago
"All A-TOM-MIK Flies all the time"
 Tom Jarger
Puts more 20 plus lb fish in the boat compared to any other products I have ever run
Tom Riley
   SEA-IV Sportfishing
A-TOM-MIK is the only fly I run on my boat whether on the Great Lakes or Finger Lakes, it always gets the job done.
They stand up to the abuse of the Kings and also the Head shaking Lakers. We never lose fish as they use quality components, if you don't use A-TOM-MIK you’re not even in the game !!!
Brian Swartz
 The absolute best flies on the market, hands down!! 
Thanks for the awesome flies Tom!!
Team Warship
All A-TOM-MIK all the time as Gene says!! We run more of your flies aboard the boat than any other product including spoons.
Fly’s Fly’s & more Fly’s for Team Warship!! Thanks TA for a great year, we owe it you buddy !!
'Bout Time Mike 
I've tried all brands of flies on the market and nothing produces more consistently and withstands the beating of Lake Ontario kings better that A-TOM-MIK, especially on the East End
 You know they work when they regularly out-produce meat 
Thank You Tom
Matt Haws Captain of "Boss Hoss"
A-TOM-MIK are the best trolling flies on the market and made by one of the best people on this earth
Abe Debadts
A-TOM-MIK Great customer service, great product, and the #1 cause of death for King Salmon: Spring, Summer and Fall!!!
Bob Boehler
No matter if it's a tournament, taking out good friends or just a fun day on the water, A-TOM-MIK flies are not only the only trolling fly on board the Turn II but also our main "go to" bait of any kind. With the addition of A-TOM-MIK meat rigs, our choices become more varied, but one thing remains the same...The Turn II uses A-TOM-MIK products because they simply catch fish.
Carson is hooked up with a King on a Pro King flashers & an A-TOM-MIK Pro/Am fly.
David Marks
Brian Lacko
Total Chaos
If you're looking for a derby win, it's simple, fish A-TOM-MIK Fly’s
 2013 Fall LOC Derby Grand Prize King 36lbs 8ozs
 Nothing moves rods better than ATOMMIK!!! 
Scot Rohe
A-TOM-MIK is always the GO-TO bait, especially when you take the kids out, and want to put them on BIG KINGS!


Amanda Hughes
Team Hammer
All we run is A-TOM-MIK, Green Chip and a #41 produces consistently

John Hurlburt
I can rely on A-TOM-MIK Flies to produce every trip! If your not catching fish check your leader length, speed, color, or if bananas are in your boat!
But don't second guess A-TOM-MIK
Scott Tarnoski
Kings Ransom Oswego NY
When I first started fishing Lady O I was told by everyone and anyone that the most important piece of tackle I would need is flies and not just any flies.
 They had to be A-TOM-MIK. Well in a short time that box of 20 flies has turned into hundreds.  Lakers, Browns, Steelies, and Kings all love them. 
Captain Tony Buffa
Bandito III
This will be my 42nd year pursuing trout and salmon on Lake Ontario for my
clients. Far and away the A-TOM-MIK brand has out fished, out totaled and
out done any other manufacturer in recent years. The product line keeps
expanding and so do the catches. Another year with A-TOM-MIK means another
year of smiling clients. If you want to stay in the game, "A-TOM-MIK,

Eddie Monette
Cannonball Runner
A-TOM-MIK Flies are the only rigs you will find on my boat.
We fish almost everyday and it's the only thing proven to work day in and day out. Period.